On Polish tables's most welcome meat. It is rich in protein and vitamin B. It is therefore very carefully selected breeders and carefully checked the quality of the meat supplied by them. This means you always get from us a product valuable and rich in nutritional values. We offer a wide range of products processed from the meat.


Meat obtained from cows is the most valuable in terms of nutrient - is rich in easily digestible protein, minerals and vitamins of group B. It also contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids. It is essential that used in our factory beef came with a proven breeding. You can be sure that our products are made always with the best quality meat.


We share you what is most important in life - good taste. Our products are always created with carefully selected meat. Pork comes from farms in Tuchola, specially selected spices to meat production and Kashubian traditional recipe - is a guarantee of the highest quality delicious products.

About us

Taste is everything to us.

It all started many years ago from a small company employing just 12 staff and offer consists of 20 products. Our customers were the closest friends, family and local entrepreneurs.

Today - as in the beginning we are distinguished by love for the traditional Kashubian flavors as well as continuous development and discovering new recipes - it's the strength of our company and guarantee high quality of our products. We rely on it for more than two decades. Currently, Skiba Meat Company is a rapidly growing company and a trusted business partner. Our position in the market is evidenced by numerous awards, prizes and certificates - both domestic and international.

Although our plants are among the largest and most advanced manufacturers in the meat sector in Poland we are still a family company - based on mutual respect and trust. We appreciate our partners, we respect customers, we care about the environment.
We rely on good taste since 30 years!

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Our products

Careful selection of meat, traditional recipes, natural herbs and a secret spices - that's "SKIBA".

We still expand our offer and certainly everyone will find something for everyone. At the same time we don't forget to ensure the unchanged, the highest level quality of goods.